Meijer Advocaten en Gerechtsdeurwaarders

The firm

Our firm is independent and your interests will always be our first priority.

We believe in a personal relationship with our clients. We ensure that a second lawyer within the firm is familiar with a case, so that even when the usual lawyer is not present, there is always someone who can speak with the client.

Our target group covers a wide spectrum:

Small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organisations 

Our clients operate at both the national and international level, and we provide support in various fields. For instance, we advise them on drawing up standard terms and conditions and concluding contracts with third parties, such as leases, employment contracts and collaboration agreements. 

If problems arise in the execution of a contract, we endeavour to reach a settlement with the other party.

If a settlement is not possible, we institute proceedings for our client, also in cases against government authorities. 

We assist businesses in laying down the legal aspects of a change in their company structure, preferably in consultation with their accountant and their principal bank.

We also have extensive experience in advising non-profit organisations, such as public benefit organisations and government bodies. 


A group to which we give special attention is start-up businesses and businesses that have gone through the start-up phase and are now wanting to expand. We concentrate on making this group aware of the potential legal snags that a business may encounter. Absolute beginners are given the opportunity to exchange ideas with our lawyers in ‘brainstorming sessions’ on various legal topics that may arise in their business, at highly favourable rates. 

Private individuals

Our services for high-wealth individuals focus especially on estate planning, and for those who are less wealthy we offer services in specific fields such as divorce law and family law, landlord-tenant law, employment termination law, and everything connected with contracts.

We work with a network of specialist lawyers to whom we can refer clients for matters that are not covered by our practice. 

Partner in The Hague Ondernemershuis

Our firm is a partner in the ‘Haags Ondernemershuis’ (one-stop service point for businesses), an initiative of The Hague City Council aimed at stimulating economic growth and employment. In this context, our lawyers offer their expertise free of charge, in the form of free consultation sessions within the Ondernemershuis and specialist contributions to themed seminars organised by its ‘BizCampus’ section.

 Haags Ondernemers Huis